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Trackteams module gives an upper hand to the management for managing all the travel related documentation, approvals and tracking through easy interface of mobile and portal enabled solution. All the detailed overview related to your team travelling whether daily market visit or managers city travel the solution is well equipped for all your Travel and expense related queries.

Business Challenges

Poor Visibility Secondary Sales

Don’t have any view of where is your sales team at real time

Loss Of Potential Sales

No overview of time consumed or routes taken

Inefficient Footprint Expansion

Non-approved traveling and less of proofs & details

Lack Of Real-Time Updates For Informed Decision Making

Non-Availability of attendance tracking and daily working hours management

No Clarity On Planned Vs. Actual Beat Compliance

Time spent at each retailer or at any transactional or non-transactional level

Mismatched Sales Forecasts

Hassle to manage and claim expenses

Mismatched Sales Forecasts

Tracing and tracking of each work at ground level

Mismatched Sales Forecasts

Complete understanding on daily task by sales team

Mismatched Sales Forecasts

Non centralized repository of data


Trackteams : A solution for all your travel and expense related issues

1. Easy calculation for distance travelled in a day from ‘start to end’ market transactions by field executive.
2. System generated TA-DA expense report for users at a daily/weekly/monthly basis.
3. Track exact Routes used by users while accomplishing KloudBeat transactions.
4. Identification of time consumed in travel by field executive.
5. Determine daily work hours from the time day starts and day ends.
6. Analyze time spent during transactional and non-transactional retailers visits and stop over.

field force automation software screenshot

Proven Benefits

Real time attendance tracker
Easy approval mechanism
Strategic analysis on time spent at each level
Easy data management
Data security with ISO certified data server
MIS reports to analyze and take strategic decisions

Other Benefits

Integrate with ERP for seamless reimbursement claims
Automate claim submission and approval process
Policy driven exception reporting
Hierarchy based travel expense related reimbursement

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