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Industries across the segments like Manufacturing, FMCG, Consumer Durables, Retail, Pharma and other comparable enterprises have a dissemination channel involving normal order taking process from retailers but going forward retailer would like to get flexibility to give orders, this is where Retailer App pitches in. Retailer app is a Retailer Personalized application with advanced bonding programs and real time communication being the USP, which tracks and manages retailer’s complete information. OEMs become very much dependent on distributor or the sales force for the orders, but many of times retailers are more interested to get directly connected to the company and it helps in improving branding, goodwill of the company and increases the reach and range of the business. The genuine battle is to know exact behavior of the market and the retailer buying pattern, so that the engagement with the retailer becomes more improved, knowing the what, where and when of the deal from retailer ordering will help in improvising your market to increase total perceivability of your end to end sales.

Business Challenges

Poor Visibility Secondary Sales

Order Capturing

Artificial Intelligence enabled systematic order book generation for each retailer
Inbound ordering
Easy last order visibility

Loss Of Potential Sales

Reach and Range

Demand Extrapolation
Artificial Intelligence enabled order suggestions
Inactive retailers made active

Inefficient Footprint Expansion

Sales Insights

MIS & BI Reporting
Consulting for high performance sales engine
Real-time stock management

Lack Of Real-Time Updates For Informed Decision Making

Loyalty management

Retailer Bonding Program
Retailer Discount Management
Retailer Scheme Management

No Clarity On Planned Vs. Actual Beat Compliance

Value Proposition

Reduced cost of order capturing
Capturing & processing of secondary orders
Range and replenishment-based rewards for retailers

Mismatched Sales Forecasts

Business Benefits

Centralized Monitoring
Improved visibility of operations & scalability
Phenomenal engagement with the stakeholders & customers


Retailer App

Retailer App is a solution for all your secondary sales order, returns management, invoicing, schemes & loyalty management, demand forecasting and analysis for the market. It is a personalized featured app with all the requirements catered at one location.

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Proven Benefits

  • Getting Order, sharing dispatch information, history and AI recommended ordering, outstanding payment details about all retailers, and order received confirmation.
Unique Schemes at Retailer
  • Unique schemes based on retailer performance, recommendations, product categories, market preferences, Market presence, product range and targets achieved.
Inventory Level Analysis
  • Retailers buying pattern and Current stock level analysis will help you generate new sales plans and schemes to increase reach and range at every level
Market Survey
  • New Product feedback through final consumer, Quality, Quantity, and Availability at retailer level could be analyzed and planned to improve
Competitor marketing analysis
  • Photo Capturing, New Schemes launched, and other market related activities carried out by competitors can be understood at real time
Product Catalogue
  • Increase your product range at retailer level while showing schemes, discounts, product benefits and other details which will help you to create digital catalogues. Showing updates about pricing, new product launches and other notifications at real time
Online Transactions
  • Receive your payments using Online Wallet or UPI and get real time updates
Feedbacks and Queries
  • Retailers can raise requests regarding damages, feedbacks, help, guide, returns and replacements through the app.
Business Intelligence
  • Actionable insights about the retailers buying behavior to maintain production and create business strategies

Other Features

  • Secondary Sales Order Booking
  • Scheme management
  • Personalized ecommerce app
  • Inventory management of distributor will be more efficient
  • Auto Replenishment
  • Buying and selling at geography level can be targeted and improved
  • Competitor analysis will be more accurate
  • Instant Loyalty programs

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