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Industries across the segments like Manufacturing, FMCG, Consumer Durables, Retail, Pharma and other comparable enterprises have a dissemination channel involving normal order taking process through sales force or through distributors but the analysis on various aspects like which retailer sales decreased by how much or SKU’s stock at retailer level are decreasing becomes a challenge to be noticed because of vast data and irregular view. There comes the ProAct as a solution for the complete auto task generation platform, which would make sales force more efficient on various outputs that system generates. The genuine battle is to know which market has what product of yours and what new could be pushed forward with managing lots of queries and their issues. so that the engagement with the retailer becomes more improved and would be helpful to increase total perceivability of your end to end sales.

Business Challenges

Poor Visibility Secondary Sales

Field force unaware about daily work

Loss Of Potential Sales

Less of market penetration

Inefficient Footprint Expansion

Retailers & Distributors activity not analysed and measured

Lack Of Real-Time Updates For Informed Decision Making

Revenue leakages due to behaviour or stock out

No Clarity On Planned Vs. Actual Beat Compliance

Less of sku's at retailer level

Mismatched Sales Forecasts

Retailer or distributor Buying pattern analysis

Mismatched Sales Forecasts

Decreasing sales at retailers

Mismatched Sales Forecasts

Non-Ordering/Inactive retailers

Mismatched Sales Forecasts

Issues not getting resolved


AI Enabled Pro Act

ProAct module gives all sales hierarchy some insightful tasks based on the algorithm that is configured in the system to furnish the business requirements. A desired task in the form of call or visit is actioned further for the sales team based on their understanding on the priorities and criticality of the market trends and activities. Define your rules based on your business demands and data analytics to suite your business growth requirements

field force automation software screenshot

Proven Benefits

Automated Insightful tasks for the sales team
Ensures the activity of the retailers and distributors
Increase your product range at point of sale
Bridges the revenue leakages
Daily task on sales decreased
Quick solution for issues
Easy and customized business algorithm

Other Features

  • Make your product items as a high running in demand at the retail and distributor front
  • Proact engine will enable your field sales team with tasks so that the right product is present at the right place
  • Leverage and engage the retailers and distributors based on their buying patterns and history.
  • Address all the soft and hard transactional issues by assigning right actionable tasks to your field executives

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