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Our KloudPrime Solution (DMS) helps you to efficiently implement primary sales automation with continuous replenishment methodology, thereby enabling you to stay on top of your market trends and focus on newer revenue streams.

Business Challenges

Poor Visibility Secondary Sales

Poor Inventory Management

Lack of Real-Time insights into the inventory
Poor inventory churn ratio
Slow inventory turnover movement

Loss Of Potential Sales

Lack of Intelligent Insights

No visibility & view of the visits made by field force
Unoptimized and Unorganized workforce management
Poor insights into market trends leading to imprudent judgement and decisions

Inefficient Footprint Expansion

Manual Process

Tough retailer invoicing & manual catalogues
Less information about the product, no flexibility to order
No information of Re-order levels or any production planning

Lack Of Real-Time Updates For Informed Decision Making

Lesser Working Capital

Availability of sales history or retailer buying is missing
Minimized profit
Maximum risk

No Clarity On Planned Vs. Actual Beat Compliance

Losses on returns

No proper system to manage and track return
Non availability of easy return management by distributor
Lack of visibility against current status of each order returns in real time
Lack of visibility into stock updates and credit returns to dealer account

Mismatched Sales Forecasts

Non automated Primary Sales Order

Least knowledge about distributor order management or buying behavior
Lack of information for capturing & processing of primary orders at real time
Missing information on Primary ordering, sales analytics, and reports



KloudPrime Solution solves the business challenges and provides additional benefits like Real time stock status, Seamless order processing & execution, Ability to process more orders, Better management and planning for production, distribution and fulfilment for multiple products/brands/SKUs, Inventory visibility across all locations (including in-transit inventory), Single view of all orders from multiple sources etc.

field force automation software screenshot

Proven Benefits

Real time information
  • Effectively Track Fill rate (Order vs fulfillment)
  • Optimized for minimal battery consumption
  • Real-time and historic View
  • Powerful data analytics
  • Designed on TOC principle
  • Automated order capturing and processing
  • Integration with ERP
  • Inventory optimization
Project Management
  • Dedicated App & Web Instance
  • Tools for quicker, accurate rollout
  • Training available for all users
  • Expertise support
  • Strong financials with sustainable roadmap
  • Assured software updates
  • Control, security, and protection
  • Executive commitment

Other Features

  • Single view of primary and secondary stock with secondary sales
  • Automatic and intervention-free replenishment of orders in ERP
  • Standardized data exchange with high-quality analytics
  • Distributor to Retailer sales and invoicing
  • Point of Sale, Invoice printing
  • Price List Management
  • Scheme Management
  • Primary Ordering and Sales Analytics Reports
  • Demographic Based Analytics and Reports
  • BI Dashboard and Key Metrics Reports

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