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Tor Remote Monitoring Solution is a proven telematics platform and an efficient equipment monitoring software. It comprises of configurable equipment, an adaptable web administration, and an adjustable front-end. The platform seamlessly associates with an assortment of gear and helps you monitor equipment performance on a real-time basis. The platform is customized for OEMs and can be tweaked to meet explicit prerequisites. The stage is bolstered by an analytics and reporting package that can help OEMs comprehend a lot of information that the platform generates.

Business Challenges

Reactive Maintenance

Errors are likely due to manual data entry by service engineers, field personnel, and technicians

Targeted Marketing Campaign

No targeted marketing campaigns due to inability to understand the customer behavioural pattern

Product Differentiation

No access to intelligent insights resulting in no product differentiation

On-Field Product Performance

Inability to capture real world usage information leads to poor product performance

Loss Of Sales And After Sales Revenue

Inability to track equipment on the field leads to loss of spares and after-sales revenue and enables entry of freelancers

No Cross Sell And Upsell Opportunities

Lack of understanding of customer usage pattern which results into loss of cross sell and upsell opportunities


Tor Equipment Monitoring software That Maximizes Uptime & Profits.

Tor Remote Monitoring Solution is a unique remote equipment monitoring software which gives you real-time insights on performance, quality, and availability of your assets, empowering you with increased visibility, exceptional customer service, and improved product reliability.

  • Real-time and easy to view dashboards enabling you to keep a tab on important equipment parameters

  • Trips alerts and Warning alerts to avoid shutdown situations

  • Seamless integration where tickets can be raised directly in the CRM system

  • Which parameters to be shown to whom can easily defined in the system

  • Built-in reporting package that can be configured based on the OEM’s specific requirements and priorities

  • System supports two way communication and can be used for setting equipment parameters and control

Proven Benefits

Informed Decision Making
  • Intelligent insights on Performance & Status
Effective Operational Control
  • Via real time monitoring of machine
Overall Lifecycle Management
  • In terms of maintenance, operational performance and safety
Maximized Uptime
  • 24*7 Virtual Onsite Service Engineer leading to effective tracking & scheduling maintenance
Reduction In Warranty Costs And Total Cost Of Service
  • Smart Warranty Management

Other Features

  • One Stop solution
  • Productivity data analysis
  • Maintenance management (schedules)
  • Reduction in resource cost – Setting parameters from remote location
  • Information & Data Security – Hierarchy management
  • Spares & service management
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