Typically in any manufacturing environment, challenges on the shop floor regarding capacity, utilization take precedence over any other. As an industry 4.0 solution provider, KloudSFA(Shop Floor Automation), effectively helps address these challenges pertaining to the Plant Capacity, Utilization, Machine Shop Efficiency and Effectiveness and so on.

As a business driver, it enables continuous monitoring of production resources and processes, directly improving cost-effectiveness and providing the stakeholders a 360° view of machinery performance, thereby equipping them to make data-driven decisions and actions.

industry 4.0 solution

Business Challenges


High Level of Manual Intervention

Slowed down operations due to manual checks


Decreased Operator Productivity

Low production efficiency due to manual data collection

Product Differentiation

Higher Downtime in Shop Floor

Poor resource utilization due to improper equipment management

No Cross Sell And Upsell Opportunities

Poor Visibility or Control on Process Deviations

Lack of streamlined and institutionalized processes


Inaccurate Data on Equipment Performance

Scope for human errors leading to erroneous data

On-Field Product Performance

Unavailability of Historic Data

No predictive analytics leading to uninformed decisions or slow decision making


industry 4.0 solution provider

KloudSFA: Feel the Pulse of your Factory

KloudSFA (Shop Floor Automation) helps you radically improve your Overall Equipment Efficiency and address challenges pertaining to Plant Capacity, Utilization, Machine Shop Efficiency and Effectiveness.

  • Remote Cloud-based Management of Shop floor
  • Rich analytics on Capacity Utilization & Key Operational Parameters
  • Single Access View into Shop floor Performance
  • Tool management
  • Coolant management
  • Minimized Deviations on Shop floor with Automatic Proactive Alerts
  • Hassle free Touchscreen Operator Interface for Managing Deviations
  • Customizable Business Rules
  • Automatic Data Capture for Every Cycle
  • Sensor-based Data Collection
  • Proactive Alerts on Asset Utilization
  • Real-time bird’s eye view into Shop floor Operations
  • Intelligent Analytics and Reports on various parameters (Asset, Process, Operator etc.)
  • Greater flexibility for managing JIT based shop floors

Proven Benefits

Optimized Shop floor Operations
  • Real-Time Data Accessibility and Visibility into Vital Measures like OEE
  • Improved Productivity due to Quicker Corrective Action
  • Lower Demands on Operators for Data Capture
Informed Decision Making
  • Proactive Management due to Comprehensive
  • Higher Levels of Capacity Utilization with industry 4.0 solution
  • Lesser Errors due to Minimal Manual Intervention
Improved Shop floor Quality & Performance
  • Enhanced Operational Control due to customized
    setup with industry 4.0 solution
  • Automated Measuring of Shop floor
  • Automated Alerts for Process Deviations based on
    Business Rules
Reduced Operating & Maintenance Costs
  • Enhanced Operational Management due to Automated Systems
  • Better Control over Variables like Consumables and Temperature
  • Better Utilization of Resources including Inventory & Consumables

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