The first step for any organization to improve its asset utilization is to understand the state of its assets- Where are they located? How are they used and how much are they consuming? Technology-driven solutions are today driving accurate and real-time tracking and mismanagement of the assets, giving greater control to managers KloudGPAT is a universal general purpose asset tracking device compatible with a variety of equipment (from Cranes, to Gensets to Compressors et al) that delivers real-time insights on critical parameters like run hours, fuel consumption, asset location, speed and more.

KloudGPAT - General purpose asset tracking

Business Challenges


Lower Asset Utilization

Poor utilization rates due inadequate and incorrect data


Poor Visibility Performance

Limited automation in capturing asset usage data


Reactive Asset Maintenance

Frequent equipment


Unavailability of real time location of assets

Leads to higher deployment of capital in assets


Lack of efficient Fuel management

Fuel / Energy consumption not based on a measured parameter


Erroneous data due to Manual Intervention

Maintenance schedule needs to be kept at a local level which is usually done through manual control


Asset tracking software

KloudGPAT : Measure your Asset Productivity in real-time

As an off-the-shelf end to end solution, KloudGPAT (General Purpose Asset tracking) brings together hardware, network connectivity, a web application and an intuitive diagnostics platform in one integrated package.
The system is powered by a configurable reporting package that can give you vital insights to help improve you asset utilization and meet all your compliance requirements.
The KloudGPAT hardware is designed for industrial environment, it comes with an IP 65 cabinet and all necessary protections that are needed in automotive and industrial environments.

  • Real time asset tracking for better asset utilization
  • Insightful analytics for enhanced asset performance
  • End to end solution with integrated solution architecture
  • Encompasses Hardware, software, connectivity and analytics
  • Monitoring of equipment run hours
  • Front end applications for monitoring
  • Comprehensive analytics and customizable dashboards
  • Easy master data integration for deriving actionable insights

Proven Benefits

Optimized Asset Management
  • Real time asset tracking for better asset utilization
  • Maximized productivity of assets due to predictive maintenance
  • Insightful analytics for enhanced asset performance
Predictive Maintenance
  • Asset Maintenance scheduler, Reminders on services and preventive maintenance
  • Proactive alerts and warning
  • Taking proactive action before shutdown
Intelligent Analytics-Driven Decisions
  • Accurate data for on-ground performance
  • Granular visibility giving managers more control
  • Improved operational planning
Efficient Fuel Management
  • Proactive Alerts on fuel theft
  • Real-time Tracking of fuel consumption
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