Today, energy costs have become a central factor in financial budgeting. Goes without saying, energy management has become. Most industrial environments today have a host of metering and control devices. Unless a SCADA system is deployed, these devices rarely communicate with each other and are not accessible remotely. One easy solution to discover energy leaks and unlock new efficiencies is by adopting new age technologies – particularly Internet of Things. KloudEMS is a unique energy management software that helps you get granular visibility of your energy usage and delivers quick, measurable ROI. It gives you actionable insights which help to diligently manage your total energy consumption.

Seamless integration with any three-phase system coupled with real-time configurable output enables effective load management thus improving your overall operational efficiency.

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Business Challenges


Lack of Visibility of Energy Consumption

Electrical loads tend to consume more power as they


Limited Control over Maximum Demand

Inability to reduce the electricity bill due to no control over maximum demand

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Difficulties to measure effectiveness of Energy Conservation Initiatives

Significant amount spent in energy consumption initiatives and inability to calculate the payback of these initiatives

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Inability to capture the conditions that lead to equipment failure

Events like Under voltage condition and over voltage conditions have a significant impact on equipment performance


Energy management software architecture

KloudEMS: Optimize your Energy Consumption and Expenditure

KloudEMS(Energy Management Software) provides unmatched security and seamlessly displays important parameters for monitoring. In addition to the web application, each building block has its own display and actuation arrangement. These building blocks have a wide operating band suitable for harsh conditions. They are self-powered. Backed up with a battery to sustain communication with the web server in case of a power outage, the system is also preconfigured to send alerts in case of tampering or theft. What’s more, each building block also has built-in memory that can store up to 100 events, making it extremely accessible and easy to use. Each module has a built in maximum demand controller that can be used to throw off non critical loads as maximum demand conditions approach.

  • Highly Scalable
  • Suitable to variety of Industrial and Commercial Environments
  • Unmatched Security
  • Seamless Displays
  • Detailed Dashboard, Configurable Reports
  • Compatibility with a variety of Switching Arrangements

Proven Benefits

  • Greater visibility leading to pinpointing of exact loads that need to be either maintained or changed
  • Better understanding of conditions that lead to product failure
  • Efficient real-time monitoring before and after thereby enabling you to decide whether additional measures are required
  • Greater control by switching off non-critical loads with energy management software

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