Why Sales Automation Is Required In Dairy Industry?

sales automation in dairy industry

The shelf life of milk & dairy products is much less as compared to other products from the FMCG domain. Since, dairy industry products like milk and milk products such as curd, buttermilk, etc. are perishable items, there is a brief window time to move these products out from inventory, these products require to be sold and delivered to the distributors and retailers on “First-In, First-Out” (FIFO) basis. Sending inventory out as soon as it is received can be achieved in the following ways –

1. Easy And Time-Saving –

Enabling the sales automation process in the dairy industry not only makes the ordering process easy but is also time-saving, as it helps the sales team to capture the orders while communicating with the retailers. It also helps in locating the outlet through geo-location and in determining what storage type to send.

2. Systematic Journey Plan Or Beat Planning For Sales Team In The Dairy Industry –

Having a systematic beat plan in the dairy industry not only tracks the field force but also facilitates the sales person to cover the market with the help of the latest trends of Geo Tagging and Maps. Beat planning facilitates the sales team to travel and meet more retailers in a short period making the journey time efficient.

3. Increase The Range Through Basket Strategy In The Dairy Industry –

Adopting the basket strategy in sales automation can help increase the range. Basket strategy is nothing but a set of combinations of products that are purchased by a consumer together. So, if a consumer purchases milk from the retailer, he is most likely going to purchase curd or buttermilk as well.

4. Quick Inventory Churn Through Distribution Management System –

An integral and important part of the sales automation system is Distribution Management System as it helps in inventory management and quick inventory churn based on the first in first out fulfillment method for products that are perishable. The distribution management system also plays an important role in processing the sales orders, creating invoices against the sales orders, dispatch of the orders, managing the collections against the invoices, managing the discounts, schemes and more.

5. Distribution & Billing Through Van Sales Automation In The Dairy Industry –

Van sales automation in the dairy industry simplifies the tracking of total distance covered by a vehicle that is out for the distribution of a product to the retailer using geo tagging based on the location of the retailer. It also comprises the Spot Billing to simplify and manage the complete process billing and invoicing.

6. Application Of MIS (Management Information System) In The Dairy Industry –

MIS (Management Information System) is an important part of Sales Automation in the Dairy Industry as it helps in optimizing solutions and reducing the cost. MIS provides the detailed data of the Beat Plan Compliance, Sales person productivity, Revenue, Profits, Demand vs Supply ratio and all other data which helps an organization to grow.

7. Having A Location-Based Attendance System –

Adding a geo-location-based attendance system plays an important role in human resource planning as the sales team may require to work from different locations in order to fulfill the orders through beat planning. The beat planning schedule works according to the real-time resources available. Managing online attendance and tracking an employee for real-time is key success factor and this saves time to manage the resources and increases productivity.

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