What Is Kloudbeat Influencer Loyalty Module & How Does It Work For OEMs?

What Is Kloudbeat Influencer Loyalty Module & How Does It Work For OEMs?

Does your customer decide the name of the company and brand before changing the air filter of their vehicle or rely on the judgment of the mechanic? Do they decide the adhesive which the carpenter uses or leave it up to him to buy it?

Following are the steps to design and implement Influencer loyalty program for any OEM’s:-

  1. Identify your Influencer’s
  2. Ensure Full Visibility in the value chain
  3. Process around meeting your influencer’s
  4. Having a reward and recognition program to ensure that they are pushing your product
  5. Digitizing the whole process, so that top management knows whether it is effective.

We are working with India’s largest companies to manage, design the influencers program, which are backed by CRM, Beat Planning, War room, actionable insights, AI.

We have seen 37% of rise in sale with happy Influencers.

In a new-wave of marketing and new-age marketing techniques, influencer marketing has become a significant part of the marketing strategy. And rightfully so, because influencers are the ones who are the actual torch-bearers of the brand after the loyal customers. Especially when it comes to industrial goods, they play an important role in decision making.

For instance, you’ve to change the tires of your vehicle, so it is inevitable to take an opinion of the mechanic or the person at the centre where you get your car serviced. That mechanic/service person becomes the influencer for the tyre brand. You tend to trust the influencers more because they are working in that particular industry, unlike the celebrities who endorse the product.

Influencers connect with their followers/fans based on the things that they are deeply connected to. They don’t have to create artificial endorsement. It is easier for them to convince the audience because of the connection they have.

According to a recently published research, it is estimated that the global ad spends in influencer marketing will rise to around $5 – $10 Billion by the year 2020! Isn’t that a HUGE number?

After reading this number, don’t you think that you should be implementing influencer marketing in your strategy? However, it is not as easy as it sounds. It requires a lot of effort and research for influencer marketing to run successfully.

Do you want to identify, enroll them in your sales channel and reward your influencers to increase your sales? Then Kloudbeat has a perfect Influencer Loyalty Module for your brand!

In a typical sales channel of any Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) there are multiple stages involved and multiple stakeholders that play a role for the whole process to take place successfully. Kloudq’s Sales Force Automation Software – Kloudbeat aims at bridging the gap between the above-mentioned processes.

For the seamless flow of the sales channel, is it important that the field staff is aware of the stock status at C&F agent and distributors

One of the many goals of Kloudbeat is to manage the need to track and monitor retailer ordering which may be direct or through distributors.

Kloudbeat, as a solutions provider for amplifying the secondary sales channel, has different growth hacks in its value proposition. In this post, we will be focusing on retailer bonding and details of the Influencer Loyalty Module.

Kloudbeat’s Growth Hacks Includes Three Main Features –

  1. Reach and Range Enablement
  2. Retailer Bonding Program
  3. Influencer Loyalty Program

What Does The Retailer Bonding Program Include?

  • It starts with Retailer enrollment with KYC details
  • Basic Points and Multiplier Slabs are offered to the retailers for loyalty computation
  • There’s a Roll-over bonus Calculation
  • A dedicated calendar is created to maintain the cycles for the program
  • The invoice with Replenishment reward point details
  • Statement generation
  • Redemption and accruals

What Are The Key Features Of The Influencer Loyalty Program?

  1. Whether it’s a mechanics or service centers, or a combination of different people – the brands can now easily enroll all the relevant influencers in one place.
  2. The brands can efficiently track the Influencers and understand what are their influencing patterns.
  3. With this module, the brands can motivate their influencers to promote the products more by introducing brownie points every time they pitch their brand offering which can be redeemed for exciting prizes.
  4. Manufacturers can get clear visibility of the influencer and retailer relationship, get insights on how many influencers are their brand loyalists.

What Are The Proven Benefits Of Deploying Kloudbeat For Your Secondary Sales Force?

  1. There are no stock outages due to real-time product availability insights. Promotion of the entire product range through effective norms leads to maximized product portfolio sales. The trade promotion expenditure is micro-targetted.
  2. Kloudbeat offers complete visibility and control of sales team through efficient beat planning that results in better productivity.
  3. It can be seamlessly integrated with all the key relevant stakeholders.
  4. Real-time trend mapping of secondary stock & sales.
  5. Valuable retailer insights for a strategized expansion.
  6. Automated supply chain, forecasting, planning & production.
  7. Operations based on secondary sales captured in real-time.

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