Top 5 Benefits of Sales Force Automation for Small Businesses

As competition continues to rise, small and medium businesses must explore all options to stay ahead of their competitors and build customer trust at the earliest. And the team that remains the face of a business is undoubtedly the field sales force. They are at the forefront of your business operations, interacting with hundreds and thousands of customers and partners, closing important business deals, and generating revenue for your business.

Empowering your sales force with better technology can enable them to close sales deals faster and serve customer needs more effectively when they are on the field.

For retail distribution networks and sales management, there are tons of benefits if proper sales force automation is implemented.

Let us examine some of the top benefits of sales force automation for small businesses:

Improved Efficiency

Enabling a technology-driven sales ecosystem will offer huge benefits in terms of efficiency within the sales department. By automating a number of repetitive tasks, there is scope for reducing errors significantly, creating better working schedules and enabling faster access to information.

Sales executives can achieve more targets without being faced with an overload of work as most of their mundane form filling and paperwork can be automated by intelligent digital assistants provided by sales automation platforms and mobile apps.

With increased efficiency, a business can focus on improving their revenue streams considerably and reward high performers in the sales department whose lives have been made much easier with automation.

Streamlined Collaboration

For field sales personnel, there is often a need to collaborate with multiple departments to gain information and drive customer interactions in the right path and ultimately close sales deals. There is also a need to have easy access to information which can be shared, worked upon together, and presented effortlessly to prospects to better entice them about a business opportunity. This requires efforts from departments like production, consulting, finance, marketing, inventory, and much more.

It also involves inputs from regional or territorial managers, peer sales representatives and colleagues to ensure that the end value delivered to the customer is of the highest quality. Bringing on-board a digital platform to manage your sales organisation can help in enabling such a streamlined collaboration practice within sales teams.

Better Stakeholder Relationships

Field sales personnel often interact with a large base of stakeholders from end customers to distributors, retailers and area and territorial contacts for sales. They need a streamlined communication and follow-up mechanism to ensure that they maintain a consistent and valuable channel of communication for daily operations. This channel should provide them with information on products in multiple formats like videos, flyers, brochures and other relevant sales collateral to enable better discussions in every meeting made with a stakeholder.

Every interaction and its outcome can be tracked, reported and monitored with a sales force automation platform that can provide intelligent insights for better revenue realization and opportunity management. Sales associates can easily enroll all key stakeholders in one location and access the needed information from anywhere. They can also run surveys to gauge feedback and can use the insights to improve their sales performance on an on-going basis.

Accurate Business Forecasting

Your sales team is the ultimate driver of future business operations as they bring in the deals from potential leads. These deals are what bring in revenue for the organization. Hence, having a stock of the pipeline for sales volume is a must for forecasting business performance.

Field Force Automation solution can help sales personnel identify trends from orders or quotes and potential opportunities to arrive at accurate financial positions for future operations. They will be able to foresee revenue contracts, book revenue for guidance, and much more with intelligent predictive capabilities offered by the Sales Force Automation Platform.

Heightened Compliance and Personalisation

There are multiple compliance and legal procedures to be followed for business operations depending on geopolitical factors within states in a country as diverse as India. Additionally, there is a huge demand for personalizing experiences in sales for customers across different states in a manner that is more acceptable in their state.

For example, pricing points, the volume of transactions, revenue margins, product demonstrations, etc. that are developed for a state like Maharashtra will not work fine in Kerala due to differences in consumer behavior exhibited by people in either state. Compliance laws also follow this trend in diversity. With an automated solution supporting your sales department, this compliance and personalization requirement is easily handled. With real-time data analytics, granular insights, and more visibility of market and compliance conditions, sales personnel can work better and maintain high levels of compliance in their daily operational schedule.

Enabling your sales force to give their best is often the best sign of a healthy business progression. With the right digital platforms, your sales team will have access to technology that can make their lives so much easier and will ultimately reflect in your business garnering positive attention and loyalty from customers.

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