Rapid Growth in Businesses by applying Field Force Automation

field force automation
Field force automation

For any industry, be it of any size and type, the most important asset is its people. As the number of people working for an organization continues to grow twofold, it becomes a challenge for the organization to manage them and also keep the process running efficiently and smoothly. To overcome this challenge, a perfect collaboration of beat planning, system monitoring, inventory management, salesforce, and end-customer satisfaction is required and this can be achieved through ‘Field Force Automation’. Looking at the current market scenario, deploying sales force automation software is essential for businesses and has become inevitable. But before, we get into the benefits, let’s understand what exactly is Field Force Automation.

What is Field Force Automation? 

Field force automation is a platform that helps in tracking and managing the activity of a process from start to end. Field force automation software gives a person or a company deploying it the ability to track the movements of its distributors, retailers, and other key influencers remotely with real-time geo-tracking. 

For instance, an OEM manager may not be able to monitor what’s going on in the consumer end and whether the sales team is pushing the required product to the market.

Let us see it from the salesperson’s point of view, as he is the one communicating with the existing retailers to sell the important products of an organization and at the same time reaching out to new retailers to maximize the sales of such products. For an organization to monitor the activities of these salespeople, they need to deploy sales force automation software as it helps them in monitoring their field force and eventually growing the market reach. Let’s see how – 

Get Insights 

Get insights on the movement of the distributors, retailers, sales team by applying Field Force Automation software. Not only that, but the solution also gives insights about top-performing products, order history, and other metrics for any given distributor and retailer helping higher management of the organization to make better and quicker decisions. 

Geographical Reach 

From the insights, top-level management can pinpoint as to which product generates the greatest number of sales and thus increase the production of that particular product. The top management can also find out new market cities and territories where the demand for a product is more, and expand their business in those areas. 

To conclude, soon it would be a rarity to see any sales-oriented organization without any sales force automation software. Those who don’t adapt will be left behind in the competition and surely going to face nightmares.

Kloudbeat – Field Force Automation Software is a one-stop solution to help you to efficiently track and manage your end to end sales automation & get clear visibility on the productivity of your distributors, retailers, and other influencers thereby enabling you to stay on top of your market trends, and at the same time focus on newer revenue streams and innovative products. Kloudbeat comes with proven benefits such as –

Higher Sales:

With Kloudbeat, you receive real-time product availability insights which in turn leads to zero stock outages and maximum product portfolio sales.

Better Visibility:

It offers complete visibility and control of sales force and other influencers through efficient beat planning

Actionable Insights:

Real-time tracking of the secondary stock and sales which helps in improved accuracy of the inventory and higher productivity of the sales force.

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