Move Over Traditional, It’s Time to Embrace Automation!

sales force automation

Sales or field force automation has always faced strong resistance from all levels, be it the upper management or the sales representatives. The word ‘automation’ triggers a sense of pessimism and an inclination to stay put with the old orthodox way of getting things done. The upper management refrains from tinkering with their old ways and disturbing the company culture, whereas, the on-field sales rep find it difficult to adapt and eventually refuse to be a part of the technical advancement. The managers always find themselves in a dilemma about whether implementing an automation system is worth the effort and money. What can be done to change this very rudimentary mindsets? Make everyone at all levels understand the benefits of automation? That it allows them to capture new customers and grow their market reach? Before we reach a solution, let’s understand the common reasons why businesses are content with their traditional methods and refute to adopt and adapt to new technological advancements.

Identifying the Need:

‘If something is working well, why bother? why tinker? let it be!’ It sounds like a perfect recipe for a potential future disaster. Industries such as FMCG have been thriving on old and traditional methods involving tons of manual paperwork and subsequent low productivity, efficiency, and profits. This mindset needs to be transformed and recognizing the need for automation is the need of the hour. It is only a few years down the line that they would realize that it’s too late and there is very little time to catch up with their respective competitors.

Hesitation in Accepting:

As mentioned above, the management are always skeptical about whether automation is worth spending time and funds. Both the management and the sales rep consider the sales process automation tool as a policing tool. The sales rep believe that they are being tracked upon all the time through the tool, while the upper management fears to face the backlash of their field force for the same reason and avoid demotivating them. Thus, it becomes essential for everyone in the process to be familiar with the benefits of automation before accepting it thoroughly without any questions or resistance in their mind.

Adopting the Change:

Another crucial factor that leads to automation resistance is the apprehension of struggling with the software. For a team that is used to manual ways of doing things, it becomes a herculean task for everyone right from the upper management to the sales rep to switch to automation and assimilate its benefits. To pass this hurdle, it is important to partner with the best in the domain automation solution provider. Choose an automation software company that not only provides the best optimal solution but also provides thorough training and offers service whenever the users are stuck with a problem.

The whole discussion converges to the point, where one can conclude that process automation is inevitable. As it continues to grow, there will be a point in time when you can run, you can hide but you won’t be able to escape the transformation. So, if you are convinced that automation is the only way ahead, let’s move forward with the right steps to implement the automation for your business.

Steps to Implement the Automation!

The first step will always be to recognize and convince yourself that automation is the right step forward for the organization. Second, it will be to understand which automation software suits the requirements of your business because every process and the team members working on it are unique in their way and has specific needs.

At Kloudq, we work diligently towards designing and delivering a solution that is easy to adopt, adapt, and meet the requirements of our consumers. The solution easily integrates within the process of your business making it easy to understand and work with. Our sales force automation product – Kloudbeat, offers efficient beat planning, records management, reporting, and dashboard accessibility, and enhanced productivity of the field force.

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