Micro-Visibility On Your Secondary Sales Made Easy & Accurate With Kloudbeat

Micro-Visibility On Your Secondary Sales Made Easy & Accurate With Kloudbeat

How Does A Sales Channel Work For Industries?

In industries like manufacturing, FMCG, retail, pharma, and others, there is a specific way of the process. They have a distribution channel. A typical distribution channel consists of warehouse, C & F agents, national distributors, super stockists, sub stockists, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers. This is the flow in which the sales happen. Let us see how the sales force automation software helps these industries.

For the OEMs, the aim is not just the primary sales but also looking into secondary sales. Meticulous tracking and managing the performance of the key influencers like distributors and retailers is crucial for an OEM to have a successful business. The actual struggle is knowing the what, where and when of the sale that is happening after the products have left the factory of the OEM. This is where the sales force automation software comes handy. With Kloudbeat, we help the businesses to seamlessly manage their secondary sales by offering customized solutions considering their requirements. 

When a business deploys Kloudbeat, we offer a special module that helps them keep a close watch on their sales channel and much more. Here’s more about it –

Kloudbeat War Room – an AI powered analytics that offers micro-visibility of the entire market and the sales channel.

Here Are A Few Things That War Room Facilitates For A Business –  

  1. Enables micro visibility of the market.
  2. Ensures that retailers and distributors remain active throughout the process and contribute more.
  3. Task specific actionable management; actions of those tasks are automatically tracked by the system.
  4. Generates actionable tasks for DSO, AM etc.
  5. Arrests the change in the buying trend at retailer level and helps to achieve and sustain growth

War Room Features That Positively Impact The Business –

Helps to identify soft issues that act as stopper for a continual business with retailers

  1. Help to bring hierarchical approach in issue resolution.
  2. Helps to promote or strategize growth of a specific product and market share.
  3. Result based auto closure helps keep manual intervention and manipulation issues away.
  4. Helps to achieve sustainable growth path for the busines.
  5. Configurable rule engine that governs the task generation

Here Are A Few Examples Where War Room Plays An Important Role –

  • Credit Issue −Issues with credit offerings to retailers
  • Delivery Charges −Issues or disputes over the delivery charges ownership
  • DSR Compliance −DSR not visiting retailers
  • Activation/Re-activation of retailers −Dormant retailers and inactive retailers actioned by sales force
  • Increase in Visible Quality −Retailers expecting increase in the quality of the product
  • Order in Next Beat −Retailer agreed to order in the next beat
  • Promotion −Issue with the discounts offerings and promotional offerings
  • Replacement −Retailers expecting replacement of material due to some reason
  • Would you like to know how Kloudbeat can help your business? Contact us today for a demonstration.

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