M2M: IoT For Remote Management

M2M: IoT For Remote Management

The increasing demand for a smart connected ecosystem has put the focus on deploying Internet of Things (IOT) enabled products and solutions in industrial environments.

For many engineering companies IOT and M2M systems (Machine2Machine) can bring in increased visibility and control over equipment operations and servicing. Machine data lost earlier can now be harnessed to yield valuable insights that can be used to increase machine uptime, operator & process efficiencies as well as overall production quality.

But having the right solution is fundamental to a successful industrial IoT deployment.  With a solution that’s finely-tuned to business needs and on-ground processes, companies see a plethora of benefits

  • Maximized uptime: Real time remote monitoring of various factors like temperature, fuel consumption, friction etc.  ensure a quick attention to any issues, reducing possibilities of breakdown
  • Efficient & Effective Servicing: By virtue of having granular data, issues can be fix promptly before becoming major
  • Superior Preventive maintenance: Tech solutions allow help to track servicing milestones that help manage machine wear & tear better
  • In-depth Analytics:  The wealth of information generated can be used to develop both historic and predictive analytics improving decision-making
  • Streamlined operations:  Through remote management & tracking of the equipment/machines, any adjustments or changes can be done in time.

IoT For Engineering Excellence

In case of companies handling heavy-duty engineering machines installing an effective IoT solution is considered particularly tricky.

It is surely not as simple as adding some sensors and collecting data through wireless connectivity.

Unless the solutions are customized to specific demands of such complex machinery, the benefits will be limited. The IoT system needs to be integrated with existing environment, gather appropriate and accurate data from all varied machines and enable suitable data storage & access.

This makes it essential to have specialized domain expertise as it assures accurate data and smooth functionality.

KloudRMS is a solution that can be thought of as a 24/7 virtual onsite service engineer.  Developed with inputs from SMEs from the Kirloskar Group, this innovative product is providential for managers looking for a system that gives real time data of all key parameters boosting hands-on management.

How Can KloudRMS Help?

Built as an all-in-one solution for heavy industry companies, it comprises a mobile app allowing easy data access, a web portal for active management and a secure data centre, all developed in-house.

This M2M technology provides robust connectivity to industrial machinery and equipment, gathering data from existing controller ports via a framework of data sensors that have been carefully designed and integrated.  Insightful dashboards are generated from datasets, helping operational managers to closely track machine or equipment performance, troubleshoot problems quickly and effectively and better manager the health of the machines.

As ready to use IoT application KloudRMS has been successfully deployed in industrial environments involving complicated machinery like diesel engines, gear boxes, chillers, backhoe loaders, etc.

With KloudRMS companies can enjoy powerful benefits such as:

  • Manage equipment/machine servicing proactively
  • Built service management as a separate revenue channel
  • Gain inputs into performance track record of machines, enabling
  • Improved quality through close tracking of production parameters
  • Improved resource management such as intelligent allocation of service engineers

See how our solution can help your business needs with this brochure.

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