KloudBeat: Tracking The Impact on FMCG and Retail

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Businesses across the globe are feeling the adverse effects of COVID-19. Particularly, for manufacturers and OEMs it poses a brand-new challenge, they had not planned for. On one hand, marketing budgets are shrinking as a result of the overall slowdown and on the other hand, this could act as a potential opportunity to maximize reach using the digital medium. Loss of revenue during the lockdown period has pushed breakeven point ahead in the timeline as liabilities continue to pile up. 

As the country continues to experience a strict lockdown, bringing the economic activity to a near standstill. For manufacturing and retail industries, focusing on sales has become a ‘new normal’ post lockdown period. They have already begun working out new strategies to reinvent themselves post lockdown albeit this time with more emphasis on long-term sustainability. Industry data suggests that order collection costs will show an upward trend due to the non-availability of salesforce to make the visits for new orders. This opens up a window of opportunity and fuels the race to gain the top spot. Could this be the perfect time for ambitious marketers and sales teams to utilize the situation, leverage technology, and play it to their advantage?

Potentially, yes!

Kloudq had been tracking and at the same time working with several FMCG, FMCD, Auto Ancillary and Food Product manufacturing companies to understand the extent to which these industries have been affected due to the lockdown and try to find a solution to their challenges. For a silver-lining, these companies are willing to countenance the situation with an aim to resolve the hardship. Instead of going into their shell, they are using this as an opportunity to recover lost ground and leverage technology to reinvent themselves.

The 3 main drivers for this strong show of endurance are as follows:

Lockdown Effect 

Everyone recognizes that in the foreseeable future, our ability to travel and conduct face-to-face meetings, to register field orders, and accessing demand in the market is going to be highly restricted. This provides a great opportunity for brands to catch the attention of their trading communities by leveraging the latest technology.

Utilizing Non-Digital Marketing Budget 

As many planned events and activities have been deferred indefinitely, sales teams can utilize a fraction of the marketing budget on digitization.

Preparing for Post-COVID Era 

Businesses are raring for this lockdown to get over and normalcy to be restored. Meanwhile, sales teams can utilize this time to strategize, plan, build tools, infra, and more. 

At Kloudq, we work with businesses in the FMCG, FMCD, auto ancillary, and food product manufacturing domains and help them realize their digital aspirations.

Our Sales Automation Suite called KloudBeat assists you with:

  • Cloud Telephony based beat wise order collection platform
  • Artificial Intelligence module for ordering
  • Retailer App to establish your own e-commerce platform
  • Increased product coverage, adaption, visibility, and sales
  • High frequency, low-cost ordering and optimized marketing efforts through Tele-beat features
  • KloudBeat War Room – alerts and notifications based on field analytics, predictive stock outages, issues, conflicts, and problem resolution.
  • Artificial Intelligence enabled ‘War Room’ for auto-generated tasks for the sales team
  • Seamless backward integration with ERP platform for primary order automation
  • Seamless Forward integration with dealer management solution for real-time stocks and sales vouchers access
  • Promote complete range through effective norms and not just fast selling products.
  • Systematic growing through reach and range at the grassroots level.

Do you also see this as an opportunity to improve your sales performance using technology? If yes, then we are glad to announce that we share the exact same opinion. Talk to us or visit www.kloudq.com for more information on our solutions.

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