Keeping Mobility at The Heart of Your Sales Force Automation Initiatives

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As market conditions become tougher with growing competition, shrinking margins, businesses often rely on their sales channel for an optimistic outlook. 

The snapshot of more deals in the pipeline, better conversion ratios, and lower sales cycles are considered to be very favorable indicators of a successful growth trajectory. But for these elements to be realized, there is a need for better and more sales activities and sales personnel need to be empowered to close deals faster. 

As with other business functions, digital is the way forward for your sales force to get better at the job. With multiple channels to focus on, diverse customer preferences, and rapidly changing market conditions, manual management of sales activities can result in delayed progress. Automation of the sales force operations has been a key priority for nearly all businesses recently in this regard. 

However, automating functions within the sales team is not just the single biggest digital transformation that can be achieved, but it is just one part of the solution. The other is ensuring that the digital supremacy brought about through automation is available to be consumed by your sales force wherever they are. In other words, mobility should be at the heart of your sales force automation initiatives. From field sales personnel to regional sales leaders, the end-to-end sales cycle.

Let us examine the benefits of having such a mobile-centric sales force automation strategy:

Faster On-boarding

Sales in your business may be handled by a large number of stakeholders including field sales personnel, distributors, dealers, retailers, and so on. A dedicated mobile app for your sales process will help field personal on-board new distributors or retailers or area sales personnel easily without having to manually collate information and then updating the same on a sales tool later at the office. With a mobile-centric sales automation strategy, on-boarding can become an on-the-go activity that sales associates can perform almost everywhere during their interaction with customers or stakeholders.

Streamlined Real-Time Communication 

The sales function achieves robust results when there is coordination and collaboration between different teams within a business. For this to happen, there is a need to have an instant communication link between field sales associates, management, and specialists or experts operating from the office or other locations. With a mobile-based sales force automation platform deployed across the organization, it becomes easier for field associates to have live interaction with their peers at the office to help them get insights required for sales. Information about the business or service that is to be offered can be easily accessed by field sales personnel from their mobile phones and used in their interactions diligently. 

Improved Customer Relations

Sales executives can be notified on smartphones about pending orders or customer meetings and follow-ups, regular data updates, etc. When mobility is included in the core of the sales force automation exercise, it becomes easier for sales personnel to remain connected to their operational routine and enable better work results. A simple example to illustrate this would be how a sales associate can improve his or her conversion rates better through mobility enhancement in their sales automation strategy. There might be a demonstration scheduled with a potential customer. The sales personnel can get notified of their schedule, get access to marketing collateral and video demonstrations, etc. from the comfort of their hands through world-class sales platforms extended to smartphones. 

Increase Productivity

Enterprises need to realize that smartphones are no longer just devices for communication but also serve as a utility tool to support several business functions. Building a sales automation strategy with a mobility focus can help in generating more revenue and leads per sales personnel. By leveraging data insights from the sales funnel as well as CRM, on their smartphones, associates can be equipped with better customer data to quickly assist them during field sales activities and close deals faster. Intuitive reporting helps sales managers keep track of activities, performance KPIs, and other valuable sales metrics on their smartphones and can be quickly shared with senior leadership during meetings.

Transaction Management

Sales transactions can be of multiple sizes. Hard products may be sold in lots or batches or individual items on a case-to-case in most businesses. The nuances of the sales process, the wide range of payment offerings, etc. call for a more streamlined digital channel for managing transactions. And making this digital experience mobile-friendly takes management of complex transactions a step further in simplicity. We have already seen how sales associates can successfully walk stakeholders through virtual demos or marketing content on their smartphones. Convinced customers can place bookings or orders which sales personnel can transact on their smartphones, and all transactional information will be logged into the business’s revenue and sales management systems.

Mobility can bring about transformative changes in the way the sales function can be automated with digital platforms. By transforming new digital capabilities into mobile-first experiences, the sales force automation initiative in your business can certainly achieve new heights in terms of closure, revenue targets, and customer relationship management.

Let’s connect, and we can help you digitally transform your sales operations.  

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