How Sales Force Automation Helped India’s Largest Automobile OEM


Secondary sales in the automobile industry are becoming a bigger challenge day by day. The manual processes and inefficient data gathering systems have started plaguing these large organizations. They have become a great challenge for automobile companies to grow and ensure maximum profits in this competitive market.

In this article, we will discuss how the application of KloudBeat (Sales Force Automation Software) helps the automobile industry face these various challenges. We at kloudq are always up for new challenges and finding creative and smart ways to solve problems. Today we will see how KloudBeat – a Sales Force Automation software has helped one of India’s largest Automobile OEM enhance the development of its secondary sales sector.

Our Customer

Our customer here, in this case, was a top tier automobile company with a market capitalization of approximately $45 billion. It has a diverse portfolio of products leading from cars and SUV’s to defense vehicles.
The most challenging prospect for our client was the fact that its product would lose visibility as soon as they exit the company warehouses. It was becoming difficult to track the products with respect to the availability of stock. It was becoming imperative to answer these challenges and find a suitable solution for them. 
Manually handling their secondary sales activities was a big challenge for this company. This is where Kloudq technologies stepped in and helped optimize the business processes of this company by the implementation of field force automation.

The Issues Faced By Our Customers

  • Manual handling of an extremely huge database: The manual processes of data collection and storage become a huge hurdle to efficient business management.
  • Difficulty in relationship management with retailers: It was very difficult to connect with the retailers and carry catalogs for the large number of products that the company made
  • Inefficient management systems: The business process in the organization were inefficient and the extensive use of manual labor made decreased organizational productivity.
  • Improper handling of stock and inventory: A large amount of SKU’s produced and the improper management of deliveries and stocks make it difficult for the company to sell their new products.

Why KloudBeat For Business Growth?

Before KloudBeat the customer had a huge database developed through manual operations. They required a thorough optimization and automation of their selling activities in order to ease the business process. The Kloudq team with its extensive technical knowledge and relevant business experience became the obvious choice for this company.
The sales force Automation software of KloudBeat enabled them to provide field force automation in the most efficient and systematic way. It had an easy to use the framework and was made keeping the scientific methodology. It enabled the company to boost its sales force activities and automate their processes.

Key Features Of The Solution

  • 24/7 online and offline functionality.
  • Real time visibility of inventory and products.
  • Intelligent insights enable quick decision-making
  • Enhance range and reach enablement.
  • Future consultations through past data.
  • Approach to achieve sales KPI.

Benefits Of KloudBeat

With KloudBeat it was possible for the customers to understand the business process in detail and gain real-time insights into the visibility of the product and inventory. This data enables the customer to make more informed decisions and helps enhance productivity.

  • Synchronization of data: KloudBeat enables us to sync the large amount of data collected (over 2 lakh SKU’s) in a matter of minutes.
  • Offline Mode: The customer can not only use the KloudBeat services on the go but he can also avail the services offline.
  • Seamless Integration: The customer carries out forward integration using Siebel CRM and Backward integration using Kloudq.
  • Promotes complete range: The KloudBeat software promotes the complete range of services and only the fast-selling and popular products.
  • Suggestive algorithm: The large amount of data collected by KloudBeat helps the company in making future strategies and allows it to formulate its business plans regarding sales and stock
  • Centralized Monitoring Systems: The monitoring of all processes is centralized and is carried out much more efficiently.


KloudBeat allowed our customers complete visibility in all their sales processes. This has allowed them to manage their resources in an optimum manner and increase their business revenues and profits. Currently, KloudBeat has over 900 users with a reach increment of 24% and a rang increment of 32%.

With the help of Kloudbeat, over 1000 orders per day amounting to almost 700 crore rupees annually are consistent in their reach. In this way, KloudBeat is changing the way Sales force automation works and is assisting various types of businesses through their digital transformation.

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