How Kloudbeat Helps You Harness The Power Of Sales Force Automation

How Kloudbeat Helps You Harness The Power Of Sales Force Automation

There are breakneck changes happening in the field of technology and automation has become the buzzword; that is commonly heard everywhere. And why not, after all, that is the future – especially for the business processes and business world.
There’s very limited or almost no time left to be able to spend on manual processing. In the world where time is the most expensive and highly constrained commodity, sales force automation software proves to be a boon for businesses.

Let Us Dive A Little Deeper For A Better Understanding Of Sales Force Automation.

In the most simpler terms – as the name implies – Sales Force Automation is developed to make your selling process automated, faster, and leaving zero chances of error. The idea is to streamline the tasks, cut down on time, and enhance productivity.
Through our research, we came across a few points that highlight the importance of sales force automation software for businesses and what can be achieved through it.

  • Grassroot visibility of secondary sales ecosystem is crucial and needs to be monitored
  • Prospecting and marketing activities need to be tracked carefully.
  • Retailer ordering can happen directly or through distributors. It needs to be tracked and monitored.
  • The concerned executives need access to information related to products and promotional schemes at the DSR level
  • They also need a tool to Increase Product geographical reach and range at the point of sale.
  • Field staff must be aware of the stock status at C&F agents and distributors.
  • A requirement for a tool to analyze the trend of secondary sales data beat compliance
  • Actionable Insights that can be worked upon for the strategic growth of the business.

Any Business Needs Following Actions For Competitive Growth.

  • Reach and Range Enablement
  • Efficiency and Productivity enhancement
  • Growth hacks and approach
  • Actionable insights for tweaking the action plan into an efficient strategy
  • Automation in the processes.

How Do We Propose To Add Value To Your Business Through KloudBeat Sales Force Automation?

Efficiency & Productivity

  • Retailer Bonding Program
  • Tele-Beat
  • Tally Plugin

Growth Hacks

Actionable Insights

  • Demand Extrapolation
  • Prescriptive Tasks
  • Rule-based replenishment
  • TOC enablement

Sustainable Growth

  • Focused tasks through war room
  • Consultative Business approach

How Do We Plan To Achieve It?

Our Solution Involves Three Important Parts –

1.  Reach And Range Enablement

  • Bring in up-to-date Secondary Inventory, Secondary Orders and Secondary Sales Visibility
  • Improves the Parts Availability by Processing Seamlessly the Secondary Orders in DMS integrated environment
  • Enable the Field Sales team with easy to use, search and capture stock, orders from retailers & Conduct field surveys.
  • Equip Field Sales Team with up-to-date parts knowledge, organization, product updates, Retailer Order History, Order Status, and Detailed Credit History
  • Facilitate the Sales Leadership team to expand reach and range via exhaustive geographical, parts sales insights and hierarchical transactional data-points.

2. Retailer Bonding Program Features –

  • Retailer enrollment with KYC details
  • Basic points and Multiplier Slabs for loyalty computation
  • Roll-over bonus calculation
  • Dedicated calendar to maintain cycles for the program
  • The invoice with replenishment reward point details
  • Statement generation
  • Redemption and accruals

3. War Room Analytics –

Helps to identify soft issues that act as a stopper for a continual business with retailers

  • Help to bring hierarchical approach in issue resolution
  • Helps to promote or strategize the growth of a specific product and market share
  • Result based auto closure helps keep manual intervention and manipulation issues away
  • Helps to achieve a sustainable growth path

We believe that all the businesses must adopt the solutions that are customized according to their business needs for the amplified growth and sales transformation. Want to know how Kloudbeat can help your business? Get in touch with us now.

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