How KloudBeat As A Field Force Automation Software Helps In Productivity?

How KloudBeat As A Field Force Automation Software Helps In Productivity?

The different Manufacturing, FMCG, Retail, Pharma, etc organizations have multiple sales and distribution channels containing various components like wholesalers, distributors, agents, etc. It is of great significance for these organizations to keep a track on the sold goods that have left the OEM factories. The products start losing visibility once they are out of the factories and it becomes extremely challenging for the field force to track and locate them manually.

This is where the Kloudbeat software comes into the picture. Being a field force automation software Kloudbeat assists in managing the sales with greater accuracy and thus helps increase productivity.

Challenges Of Manual Sales Management –

Visibility and availability of the product are extremely crucial for a brand’s sales management function. Managing multiple sales and distribution channels is a challenge for the manual sales force as the process is inefficient and inaccurate for various reasons like,

  • Inefficient workforce and flawed data can often lead to an overworked and overloaded workforce.
  • The manual field force often does not have the strength to cover all areas of operation.
  •  The improper management of the field force can lead to fluctuations in available stock and in turn lead to shortages and excess supplies.
  • In many cases, the manual data intake can lead to incorrect sales forecasting
  • The use of a manual field force often leads to the managers not being aware of the accurate on-ground situations.
  • In many cases, due to the inefficiency of our workforce, there are many delays in obtaining reliable data from the markets.
  • The difficulties in the management of the field force often lead to sloppy data collection and lack of important information.

The KloudBeat Solution –

To tackle all the above problems and to provide mileage to your sales activities it is important to organize and automate the process in a systematic manner. This is where KloudBeat comes into play. It helps to automate the sales and distribution channels and systemize the whole process by using necessary technologies to help the business attain sustainable development.

The various benefits of using KloudBeat:

  • KloudBeat helps in increasing the efficiency of planning and monitoring the sales activities by mechanizing the whole process.
  • Kloudbeat allows us to better manage our field forces thus helping us in efficient and productive field coverage.
  • KloudBeat helps capture data faster and more accurately by eliminating a lot of paperwork thus, improving team productivity.
  • The software also allows us to gain real-time visibility about the performance of our product at the various levels in the distribution channel.
  • Automizing the whole process allows us to analyze the data much more adequately and aids better decision making.
  • Lastly, the whole process helps the organization increase its sales activity by improving the territory coverage and making better predictions about the sales activities in the future.

As businesses understand the significant disadvantages of a manual field sales operation the requirements for a field force automation software are growing. These businesses that have used the traditional sales approach for years need reliable and straight-forward solutions to help them digitally transform their businesses. KloudBeat thus provides an extremely attractive solution for them to leverage the potential of their business and gain maximum profits.

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