How Can SMEs Plan Course Correction Using Sales Force Automation!

How Can SMEs Plan Course Correction Using Sales Force Automation
How Can SMEs Plan Course Correction Using Sales Force Automation!

The small and medium businesses (SMEs) form the most important building blocks in the economic growth of any nation. According to CII, SMEs account for nearly 30% of India’s GDP, employing nearly 460 million people. The sector also forms up to 33.4% of India’s output in the manufacturing domain, employing around 120 million Indians. As far as exports are concerned, SMEs contribute up to an estimated 45% of the total exports.

Despite such major contributions to India’s economic growth, SMEs continue to face challenges and have not achieved their actual potential yet. The biggest challenges faced by the SMEs are the traditional and inefficient ways of doing business, keeping away from new technology adoption, and rising number of competitors in the form of big corporates from around the world. These competitors offer similar products as that of the SMEs at similar prices, leaving just one differentiating factor between the – customer service.

The only way SMEs can sustain in this highly competitive market is by providing the best customer services. By adopting an efficient Field Force Automation Software (SFA) SMEs will be able to provide excellent services through customization. An efficient SFA software not only streamlines the process by keeping the management, workforce, and customers together but also helps SMEs to take well-informed decisions.

Why SFA for Business Growth?

We have listed below the features that help SMEs to grow their business. Continue reading – 

1. Mobile Application

Along with the desktop version comes the mobile application which offers SMEs easy access to on-the-go customer data, the sales process, product profiles, team contacts, and many more. The mobile app helps the SMEs to stay updated with the status on any deals, salesforce, and provide them support whenever required.

2. Better Co-ordination

The features of the SFA allows for efficient collaboration between the sales representatives and managers, thus driving the sales process forward. It ensures enhanced productivity through easy discussions and sharing of data, report files, and insights.

3. Real-time Insights

SFA provides customized detailed reports based on the parameters set by the SMEs. It also provides comprehensive real-time forecasts based on parameters such as revenue, customer behavior, monthly sales etc. this enables the SMEs to make informed decisions for the future. The easy to use dashboard allows the SMEs to generate reports anywhere, anytime without wasting any valuable time.

4. Automated Workflow

SaaS automation replaces all the traditional inefficient ways of doing the sale. SFA accelerates the sales process and makes the workforce more proficient on how to successfully close a deal. The sales representatives have access to any data be its customer profiles, tasks, service requests, or product catalogs, all is available anywhere, anytime at the touch of a button.


An efficient SFA is like a guardian that helps SMEs to make decisions and determine their future paths. Ultimately, sales are extremely significant for businesses of any size. SFA helps these businesses to turn prospects into customers and help them overcome any hindrance on their way to closing the maximum deals.

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