Empowering Your Sales Teams with Sales Force Tracker

If you struggle to find out where your sales team is currently located, which customer is being interacted with, or what sales activity is being performed, you are not alone. Given the pace and scale of technology advancement, sales organizations looking to succeed in today’s challenging business environment need to be able to track and manage their field sales force with ease and efficiency. 

But most often, sales managers have little or no real-time insight into where their sales teams, what routes they are taking, or how much time they spend interacting with customers – making it difficult for them to improve and optimize their performance. In the absence of travel expense tracking, keeping the sales budget on course also becomes challenging. 

The only way to track sales teams in real-time and be aware of each of their activities is by using a sales force tracker solution to manage all travel-related documentation and approvals.  

Challenges faced by sales managers  

Irrespective of the industry, sales teams play a vital role in overall business growth, helping enterprises improve conversion rates, increase revenue, and positively impact brand reputation and customer experience and loyalty. 

However, today’s sales managers have a tough time tracking and managing their sales force, resulting in lackluster sales efforts and outcomes. Some of these challenges include: 

  • No view of where sales personnel are in real-time, and, hence no insight into time consumed or routes taken
  • Frequent instances of non-approved traveling, with no proof of current activity or position in the sales lifecycle. 
  • No way to track and monitor attendance or manage daily working hours 
  • No insight into the time spent at each retailer or any transactional or non-transactional level 
  • The time and effort wasted in managing expenses and approving claims 
  • Issues in tracing and tracking each and every piece of sales activity at ground level 
  • No understanding of daily task by sales teams due to lack of a centralized data repository

How a tracker solution helps overcome travel and expense-related issues 

Modern sales force tracker solutions like TrackTeams can greatly help in planning, tracking, and analyzing sales teams’ day-to-day activities. 

Offering an easy-to-use mobile and portal interface, such tools provide a detailed overview of sales teams’ activities, including daily market visits as well as managers’ city travel, setting a strong foundation for all travel and expense-related queries. 

Using such tools, sales managers can: 

  • Easily calculate the distance traveled and the time taken to travel by sales professionals in a day and the transactions they have carried out. 
  • Get an automatic TA-DA expense report generated for every sale executive on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. 
  • Track exact routes used by sales professionals while targeting sales leads and accomplishing sales targets. 
  • Determine daily work hours of sales teams from the time the day starts until the day ends.
  • Analyze time spent during transactional and non-transactional retailer visits and stopovers. 

The Benefits of Sales Force Tracker Solutions 

Sales force tracker solutions bring several benefits to sales managers struggling to track and manage their geographically dispersed sales teams. These include: 

  • The ability to track sales teams’ attendance and location in real-time for better insight into their current activity. 
  • Having an easy approval mechanism in place for quick and accurate approval of travel, expenses, and claims. 
  • Strategic analysis on time spent by each professional at each stage of the sales pipeline and sales lifecycle 
  • Access to a single repository to store and manage all travel and expense related data. 
  • Access to timely and updated MIS reports that help analyze sales tasks and take strategic decisions
  • Quick and efficient reimbursement claims 
  • Automated claim submission and approval process that reduces time and effort as well as minimizes the frequency and impact of manual errors. 
  • Policy-driven exception reporting and hierarchy-based travel expense-related reimbursement

As companies look to optimize their operational costs and improve revenue, efficient tacking, and management of travel expenses is critical. 

Since travel constitutes a sizable portion of overall operational expenditure, a modern tracker like TrackTeams can provide sales managers with all the information they need about sales trips including distance traveled, time taken to travel, and more. It also helps simplify the travel approval and claims process, accelerating the time taken for sales teams to hit the road while also shortening and upgrading lead conversion time and experience. Let’s connect to know how you can modernize your field sales operations.

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