Beyond Cost Reduction: Reinventing Sales For OEMs

Beyond cost reduction Reinventing sales for OEMs

Every day, sales managers and businesses are faced with a critical responsibility: increasing sales overcoming challenges like rising competition and dynamic market trends. Right placement, sufficient availability and deep range –are key to achieving this but to make it happen consistently can be a tough task for sales managers.

Whether you are an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or a FMCG company, a gap in retail market coverage translates into lost sales opportunities and revenue loss. As a sales lead, this is an outcome that you would like to avoid at any cost but the challenges to overcome are many.

For OEMs, the current set up in the aftermarket leaves you without a clear visibility into the performance of your company at that level, making your efforts to retain market share in face of substitute brands. Similarly, FMCGs need to continuously expand their market along with protecting their existing turf to propel growth and sales numbers.

A New Perspective On Improving Efficiencies

Companies can transform their approach to manage the secondary sales function by taking advantage of cutting edge tech solutions that bring in never-before understanding of the secondary sales system.

With cloud based Multi-tasking apps like KloudBeat a company is able see the real-time performance of its secondary sales network:

  • Track sales and order at secondary level
  • Single view across distributor-dealer-retailer network
  • Collect data on a whole range of parameters such as sales, inventory, stock-outs, feedback etc.
  • Provide live mapping of the performance of salesperson including GPS tracking
  • Enable high quality analytics that can inform decision making
  • Enable more accurate production and distribution planning

Drive Business Growth By Automating Sales And Order Fulfilment Cycle With KloudBeat

Backed by the heritage of the well-known Kirloskar Group behind KloudBeat brings fresh perspective to managing secondary sales.  Companies can eliminate manual processes like physical order taking, data gaps from lack of visibility and poor communication between the field and the management by deploying this solution.

KloudBeat is a secondary sales tracking and route plan management software that enables companies to move from a reactive & pure-push based model to a well-balanced Push and Pull model.

As an all-in-one solution, it helps sales managers in handling the entire range of field force responsibilities with a bird’s eye view of the function. A mobile app offers operational access while the administrative features are available via a web portal:

  • Field Force Automation: Sales managers can create beat plans and monitor performance & target achievement along with tracking of secondary inventory & orders
  • On ground Visibility: The solution can be used to monitor and manage retailer enrolment, product stocking & sales, retailer feedback and to access advanced analytics like predictive stock outages
  • Powerful Product Resource: In-built information such as product & price catalogues, Product Datasheets & videos, trade schemes help deliver on-ground interactions effectively
  • Real-time Administration: Improved visibility is made possible with KPIs dashboards, alerts & notifications based on Field Analytics and beat plan adherence mapping

Take a closer look at this game-changing product here and see how it can transform your sales function.

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