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Kloudq provides digital transformation with a wide array of SaaS & Industrial IoT solutions which empower your business and maximize your profitability.

Our rich industry experience combined with technical expertise enables them to amplify their profits thus making us a Preferred Partner in our customers’ digital transformation journey.

We believe that digitalization has the power to usher in a revolutionary change across every level of an organization. Businesses must now deploy solutions that are customized to their business needs while being efficient and low investment centric.


Our SaaS solution arrangements go about as an empowering agent to intensify your deals by giving you a granular perceivability of your field power as well as the key partners of your whole store network. Our constant significant bits of knowledge engage you to broaden your item portfolio, amplify your geographical reach and strategize better towards more up to date income streams.

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Route Plan Management Software

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As one of India’s leading Industrial IoT company, our solutions have been deployed in the absolute harshest of conditions. Attributable to over 5 many years of involvement with making motors, our Industrial IoT solution arrangements are good with a wide assortment of mechanical hardware, in this manner making it simpler for our clients to embrace and adjust to them. With more than 7 years of genuine field learning, we can gladly say that our foundation is one of the most strong and dependable IIoT stage in the country today.

IoT based Tor Equipment Monitoring Solution

IoT based Tor Equipment Monitoring Solution

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IoT based Tor Energy Monitoring Solution

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IoT based Industry 4.0

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IoT based Tor Telematics Solution

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