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KloudBeat –

Track Secondary Sales in Real-Time

Client Benefits

With KoudBeat, the client was able to get granular view into secondary sales of each product order tracking and inventory – by outlet per salesman providing never-before insights. When aggregated the data oers a bird’s eye view of the entire channel enabling strategic decision making.


    No stock outage with real-time product availability reports

    Promote complete range through eective norms & not just fast selling products

    Micro-Targeted Trade promotion expenditure


    Enhance productivity of sales team through efficient beat plans

    Real time activity monitoring for sales team management

    Seamless integration of all stakeholders on KloudBeat


    Automate supply chain, forecast, plan & produce as per TOC principles

    Reduced working capital through shorter order to cash cycle

    Operations based on secondary sales captured in real time


    Improved availability and accuracy in stock and orders

    Real-time trend mapping of secondary stock & secondary sales

    Valuable sales & stock trends and retailer insights

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