Typically, Manufacturing, FMCG, Retail, Pharma and other similar industries have a distribution channel comprising of warehouse, C & F agents, national distributors, super stockists, sub stockists, distributors, wholesalers and retailers. This is where Kloudbeat comes in. Kloudbeat is a field force automation software which tracks and manages your secondary sales giving you a clear visibility on the productivity of your distributors, retailers, and other key influencers.

OEMs start losing visibility of their products the moment they leave their facilities. The actual struggle is knowing the what, where and when of the sale that is happening after the products have left the factory of the OEM. It’s therefore vital to track and optimize your field force to gain complete visibility of your secondary sales.

Business Challenges


Poor Visibility Secondary Sales

Lack of accuracy in sales data at all distribution levels


Loss of potential sales

Frequent stock outs and delayed information on outages


Inefficient Footprint Expansion

Lack of awareness about of changes in the marketplace


Lack of real-time updates for informed decision making

Delayed insights resulting in missing out on new market opportunities


No clarity on Planned vs. Actual Beat Compliance

Lack of control over beats and no mechanism to monitor


Mismatched Sales forecasts

No real-time updates on sales data causing inaccurate sales forecasting


KloudBeat - Secondary sales visibility by field force automation

Kloudbeat : Plan. Expand. Maximize.

Kloudbeat is a one stop shop to help you to efficiently track and manage your secondary sales get a clear visibility on the productivity of your distributors, retailers, and other influencers thereby enabling you to stay on top of your market trends, focus on newer revenue streams and innovative products.

It is simple, safe and scalable for changing business needs. What’s more, it is also easy to use and requires no technical expertise.

  • Create, Track and Manage Beat Plans effortlessly
  • GPS enabled GIS based Beat Tracking
  • Secondary Inventory, Orders Tracking
  • Effortlessly enroll all key stakeholders in one place
  • Increased Product Coverage, Adaption, Visibility & Sale
  • Feedback, Surveys(NPS), and Competition Insights
  • Collaboration with Officers and Area Managers
  • Instant Communication among Sales Representatives
  • Showcase Product Catalogues, Videos, Datasheets, Schemes & catalogues
  • Real-time data analytics module highlighting transactional issues automatically
  • Generated actionable granular tasks needing strategic resolutions
  • Micro visibility of the entire market

Proven Benefits

Higher Sales Per Retailer
  • No stock outages due to real-time product availability insights
  • Promotion of entire product range through effective norms leading to maximized product portfolio sales
  • Micro-targeted trade promotion expenditure
Better Visibility
  • Complete visibility and control of sales team through efficient beat planning resulting in better productivity
  • Seamless integration with all the key relevant stakeholders
  • Efficient tracking of all your influencers and clear visibility of the influencer and retailer relationship
Actionable Insights
  • Intelligent analytics resulting into Improved accuracy and availability in stock and orders
  • Real-time trend mapping of secondary stock & sales
  • Valuable sales & stock trends and retailer insights for a strategized expansion
Optimized Inventory
  • Automated supply chain, forecasting, planning & production
  • Reduced working capital through shorter order to cash cycle
  • Operations based on secondary sales captured in real-time
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