In this era of rapid transition, more and more organizations are turning towards digitalizing their field service operations to achieve prompt service delivery and attain higher customer satisfaction. Customers today need immediate resolution to their problems and at the same time also want to know and track the entire process right from the grievance to closure. This makes it imperative for businesses to implement a comprehensive mobility-based smart solution which will not only better manage the servicing workforce but also streamline the entire workflow to ensure improved efficiency and prompt service resolution quick enough to meet the customers’ expectations.

Business Challenges


Incorrect data due to manual reporting

Errors likely due to manual data entry by service engineers, field personnel, technicians


No access to customer and equipment history

Lack of access to relevant service history leading to improper grievance handling and delay in service resolution


No real-time data available

Limited access to technician performance and customer feedback leading to customer complaints and low service productivity


Limited access to service evidence

No clear view of actual site condition


Poor Visibility into Servicing Quality

Lack of accurate data on critical parameters


Manual Scheduling Hampering Productivity

Poor workforce utilization


Field service management software

KloudEFSR : Efficient Field Service Management & Service Transformation.

Kloud-eFSR is an integrated solution that handles the entire gamut of field management activities including service planning, scheduling, engineer performance and is backed by intelligent data analytics that gives you powerful actionable insights. It comprises of an easy to use mobile app which gives you real time inputs of your field operations coupled with an incredibly powerful cloud based web portal thus helping you to get immediate customer feedback, visible improvement in MTTR, better service operation quality, higher resolution speed and complete transparency.

  • Service calls allocated based on business rules
  • Increased productivity thanks to automated scheduling
  • Flexible utilization of Resources
  • Mobile connectivity for service field force
  • Effortless tracking of engineers and service call progress by managers
  • Valuable insights into site conditions and engineer performance
  • Rich repository of past and current data available at your fingertips
  • Access to Equipment history including previous issues for quick resolution
  • Access to Customer history leading to a personalized seamless customer experience
  • Self-explanatory Dashboards and Analytics for informed decisions and better visibility
  • Instant generation of service records after call
  • Operational updates using accurate data

Proven Benefits

Improved Service Operation Quality
  • Enhanced productivity of service engineers, technicians
  • Ease of prioritizing Service Requests
  • Effective planning of service engineer workload
GPS enabled
  • Real-time monitoring & tracking of service
  • Real-time data and actionable inputs
Highly Interactive & Transparent
  • Immediate customer feedback
  • Actual Site Condition Visualization
  • Complete visibility to customer in terms of the entire service workflow
Hassle free solution
  • Totally paperless and 100% digital
  • Easy to use and ultra convenient to access anytime and anywhere
  • End to end service management view
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