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Company Overview

Kloudq is a boutique software firm that offers innovative cloud-based solutions and IoT based solutions with the potential to reinvent business processes.

Leveraging the power of IoT and SaaS we develop solutions that help clients unlock business value across functions – ranging from Human Resources, Secondary Sales Management, to Governance and Compliance.

Kloudq offers a unique combination of technical proficiency and strong industry expertise which helps our clients to get the best out of their technological investments and transform their operations.

Our solutions feature ultra-lightweight designs with consumer grade user interfaces that are user-friendly and easy-to-adopt. With a scalable framework, they are low cost investments that deliver high business impact. The additional layer of business intelligence and data analytics drives better decision-making across the board.

Digitizing Buisiness

What Drives Us

We believe that digitalization has the power to usher in transformative change across every level of an organization. To harness this power effectively, however, businesses must deploy solutions that are customized to their business needs while remaining efficient and low investment.

We help our customers realize the true potential of cloud-based solutions with our suite of carefully designed products suitable for the Indian conditions. Our domain know-how ensures that we develop and deploy the solution that’s right for your business and its priorities.

Our ‘Customer First’ philosophy, in fact, transcends to our customers’ customer which ensures that our solutions focus on customer success at every level.

Our Values

At Kloudq, we work to deliver a powerful business outcome for our customers. The values behind our work philosophy are deeply embedded and guide our operations:


Building enduring


Agility in approach


A focus on constant


Iterating for cutting
edge solutions


Integrity in everything
that we do

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