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A Kloudq Case Study –

Maximizing Growth and Efficiency with KloudBeat

Client Benefits

With KoudBeat, the client was able to get granular view into secondary sales of each product –order tracking and inventory – by outlet per salesman providing never-before insights.  When aggregated the data offers a bird’s eye view of the entire channel enabling strategic decision making.

  • Transformation of sales from “Push” to “Pull” model.

    After adopting KloudBeat   fixed norms for each product has been established which triggers automatic replenished on consumption, thus avoiding stock buildups.  This improved stocking has helped increase sales and unlocked working capital.

  • Improved Sales Productivity

    As a result of automated beat planning, digital product catalogues, GPS tracking, and real time data capture the efficiency and effectiveness of the field force has radically enhanced.

  • Improved Product Stocking

    Not only has overall market penetration jumped for the company, the range of products being sold has also seen an increase

  • Single View of Distribution Channel Performance

    The product ensured 3600 engagement of the sales ecosystem involving Field Force, Dealers, Retailers and Operations, enabling all partners to be on the same page. Decision-making is based on real-time analytics using accurate data.

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